• Entrepreneur is the new rapper.

    Its the cool hot thing right now.

    Explain to me how someone who has never built a real business is qualified to SELL you advice on business?

    Explain to me how a 19 year old kid is somehow qualified to be a life coach when they haven't been through any life?

    There are more people pretending to live a life that isn't really their life with the intention of getting the money from your pocket into theirs than ever.

    The internet is a predatory place.

    Exotic cars. Jets. Stacks of cash. Mansions. There is nothing wrong with these things (stacks of cash will always be major douche baggery to me) if they are someones REAL LIFE but in most cases it isnt.

    Everyone seems to be a baller and with some sort of pitch to get you on their level.

    Do your homework.

    Are the people your looking for advice from credible?

    Have they built real businesses in the real world?

    Is the lifestyle the show their real life or is it a staged image to get them to appear credible?

    There are plenty of credible people out there to learn from and many of those people give most of their info out for free but there are far more pretenders.

    There is nothing wrong buying a program/book/attending a seminar from someone who has accomplished things in the real world but if their only means of income is selling you a "program" on how to "get rich" and thats how they make all their money that should throw up a red flag for you.

    Entrepreneur is the new rapper. Remember that.


    Throwback IMKK Nov 2016 at IDCC Shah Alam.