Random shoot

Langit senja.

Wisma Persekutuan.

Lilo si ibu kucing.

Take care of your children when they play outdoor.

The car door.

Lilo si ibu kucing.


Topi tergantung.

Jitra Mall

Samsung Galaxy Young.

A young archer.

Close up my jeans.

Do you know what is the type of this medicine ? 


zuk zuhaiza said...

woowwww, suke semua gambar^^

iman salsabila said...

muka baby serius tahap nak makan orang :DD

Pka Rahim said...

guna camera pe adik... :)

Aliff Haikal said...

adik kimy muka mcm kimy :)

AtEn nAbilA said...

lama tak komen kat blog hg wei.gudluck for projek akhir hg tuh:) do your best kimi..hehe

Limin Eddie said...

aku paling suka gambar bouganvila tuh.. guna kamera apa tu bro?? :)

Anonymous said...

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