Vision Talk

Sometimes in order to get where you are going, you have to leave some people. See the higher you plan to go the smaller your circle will get. Not because you are better than them, no never think that. Just simply because they will only keep you from getting there. This means if they are just constantly pulling you down and telling you that you cant achieve something, if they even say your dreams are too big, its that type of attitude that you cant have in inner circle (the closest people you have around you the most). You need to have people around you that push you to pursue your dreams and motivate you to fulfill your vision. Some people will just naturally go their own way while others you will just have to let them go based on your decision. Just be clear and understand who is it you want to keep around and who you dont. This is very important as when you are successful these people will be the ones that push you higher or pull you down. So choose carefully who you let stay in your life. Some people are lifetime friendships while others are meant only for a season. Dont confuse one with the other.

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Zharif Azis said...

Setuju Kimy, those people who don't support your dreams, just let them go. they are not worth it. whatever dreams you try to achieve, good luck with that ! hopefully it will come true =)

finally, an entry. huhh >__<