Truth be told

You can be blessed with the best mentors, be directed to read the greatest books, go to the greatest schools, have the worlds greatest opportunity fall into your lap and chances are you are still gonna be average.


Because 99% of the people in the world are talkers.

I call them "shit talkers" because thats what they end up with shit.

Only a very few understand that EXECUTION is all that matters. These are the people follow through EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY with actions. Those are the people that succeed. Thats it. Thats the "magic formula" everyone is searching for.

You either "do" or you "dont". You either "are" or you "arent". There is no middle ground.

If you arent quit talking about how you will. Its fucking annoying.

Go be average and look yourself in the eye and accept that you didnt have what it takes or at the very least werent willing to pay the price required.

Live with that and have fun criticizing from the sidelines.


You could always just shut your mouth and let your actions do the talking and SHOW the world who the fuck you are because no matter what you "say".

Your results tell the story.


Execute. Everything else is bullshit.

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