Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living?

Your Moms?

Your Dads?

Your Friends?

Your Teachers?

Your Girlfriends?

Your Boyfriends?

When did it become so "uncool" to have an opinion, stand for something or have OUR OWN goals?

All day long...our entire lives...we are bombarded by the expectations AND LIMITS of our surrounding influences.

Everyone has ideas for us

Everyone thinks they know whats best for us?

But did you ever notice that those ideas & expectations that are "best for us" are eerily similar to the lives of the ones giving us this advice?

What about the life you want?

What about your dreams?

What about that vision of yourself you think about before you fall asleep at night that youre too afraid to tell anyone about?

Most people put more thought into what they are going to do this Saturday night than where they are going to be 10 years from now...and THAT my friends...is how you waste a life!

Society has groomed most people to be so terrified others wont approve or believe in their dreams/goals that they don't even try.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you dont even have enough courage to say what you really want for fear of others disapproval...your chances of making it anywhere but where you are currently are non existent.

Success makes other people uncomfortable because they are forced to look in the mirror and judge their own progress.

The truth is, many people (sometimes the ones closest to you) are going to always doubt, question and want to see you fail at whatever it is you do for this exact reason.


Everyone who has ever accomplished ANYTHING has dealt with this.

NEVER let them stand in your way.

Quit being a delicate little pussified flower.

You don't need "their" fucking approval to succeed.

You only need your own belief in yourself and willingness to do the fucking work!

Nothing is impossible.

Unless YOU decide it is.

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