Challenge your limit


The Pyramids of Egypt.

The Great Wall of China.

The Airplane.

Space exploration.

The Automobile.

The 4 minute mile.



Until of course they werent.

When you look at things other people are doing do you think with a negative tone "thats impossible" or do you think with enthusiasm "thats awesome!" the answer to that question may very well reveal why it is you are struggling with your own plans.

People are going to laugh.

People are going to call you crazy.

People are going to talk shit.

People are going to tell you to be realistic.

People are going to tell you its impossible.

Those are FACTS. So what?

99% of people let this others opinions and beliefs keep them from ever living the life they want.

Why the fuck would you let that happen?

Youre gonna let people that wont matter in your life 10 years from now keep you from being the best you 10 years from now?

Think about that.

You arent that much of a delicate flower you would live a life you didn't truly want in your heart for fear of a few comments from the peanut gallery are you?

FACT: When you work exclusively to avoid criticism you GUARANTEE lack of success.

Anything outside the "norm" especially anything GREAT are accompanied by criticism & negativity. Thats a fact. Expect it.

Success makes other people uncomfortable because it serves as a constant reminder to them of what they "could have been" had they just done the work.

The more ambitious you are and the bigger goals you chase...the more criticism you are going to face.

Dont let ANYONE stand in your way or pollute your mind with their limiting beliefs and realize that most if the time that person is you.

Free your mind to dream fucking huge.

Free your heart to believe its possible.

Then, and only then, will you be free to fulfill your true potential.

Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not




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